In order to compete with an internal recruiter’s salary, we’ve created four packages that allow us to offer the lowest prices possible while making outsourcing the hiring process the right move for every business. Our packages are fully customizable to each partner and allow us to fluctuate the number of positions based on each partner’s hiring goals each year.

Our Packages

The Perfect Package

Small Business Partnership                         $850/Position

Ideal for smaller sized businesses looking to add additional staff throughout the year. With this package, you could hire 24 positions per year, 2 positions per month, 6 positions per quarter, or 12 positions every six months.

Large Business Partnership                         $700/Position

Ideal for businesses with steady additions to staff throughout the year. Perfect for businesses with multiple departments. With this package, you could hire 60 positions a year, 5 positions per month, 15 positions per quarter, or 30 positions every six months.

Enterprise Business Partnership               $550/Position

Ideal for businesses containing multiple departments and high turnover. Perfect for businesses with rapid growth. With this package, you could hire 100 positions per year, 8 positions per month, 25 positions per quarter, or 50 positions every six months.

Proof Of Concept Partnership                   $1000/Position

Ideal for businesses looking to explore if a partnership with us would be a great fit or for a business who needs to do minimal hiring throughout the year. With this package, you could hire 5 positions per year, 1 position per quarter, or 2 positions every six months.

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