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Providing an automated solution while producing on-demand talent. 
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Hiring The Future, Today

On-Demand Talent, Fueling The Future Of Hiring 

We’ve created the first solution that is able to eliminate all of the current problems with the hiring process. Our system provides on-demand talent to fill any opening in a business. From customer service roles to CEOs, we have the talent, and now, you have access to the tools to fill these roles quicker than a lunch break. We work on lower prices than an internal recruiter, offer a 45-day guarantee, and provide the best talent on the market in an on-demand setting. What could be better than that?

“Our four key focus points is truly our secret to success. The four keys stand for how and why we do things. They allow us to constantly keep the partner’s goals and objectives in mind.”

Joshua Mikula

Global Director

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Automation Meets Hiring

Using Sophisticated Algorithms To Locate Your Next Perfect Employee

By using our proven algorithms, we are able to readily search the current talent pool and find a perfect match for an opening in an on-demand setting. Having this direct advantage allows your business to scale and continue to grow without ever having to worry about hiring from this point forward. We provide your business with an entire company of staffing specialists to directly manage the process. Finding talent is what we do best. Matching the best talent to an opening is what our system does best. Together, we’ve created the ultimate hiring tool for your business to benefit from.

Key Focus Points

Our Keys To Success

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Working to provide the best possible talent for every position, in an on-demand setting. Setting focus on reducing turn over with current and new employees.
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Fulfilling current and future openings in an on-demand setting, reducing the waiting aspect of the hiring process.
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Utilization of artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to meet and exceed the needs of the partner and the future of their business.
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Allowing technology to reduce overhead internally to allow savings to be passed on to the partner. Creating pricing that is more affordable than an internal recruiter and custom to each partner.

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